Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cahoots Duo Challenge

April 2012

Cahoots Duo Challenge (according to website)
The Cahoots Duo Challenge is a race series where you and a friend combine wits, strength, strategy and stamina to negotiate a barrage of nearly two dozen unique obstacles and challenges.
All Cahoots courses have been specifically and creatively designed to prove the resolve and test the limits of even the toughest of twosomes. You'll carry, push, pull and roll one another over and through a variety of perils and hazards. You'll swing over energy sapping bogs on the Siamese Trapese, build precarious bridges, and scale 10' walls.
You'll have to rely on each other, trust each other, and work together. If you can't hack it, don't worry about it. We'll have EMTs, mediation and divorce attorneys standing by.

Since no two courses are the same, course length can vary between 3-4 miles, depending on the climate, terrain, and lay of the venue.

This is the first OCR that the hubster and I did together. It was out at Arizona Cycle park in Buckeye and it took us almost about an hour to get all the way out there. Our start time was around 11am and it was so hot outside! I think this was only the 2nd year of Cahoots Duo Challenge and it's first at the cycle park. You could see the whole layout of the race from the start line since it was down in the track. We thought the obstacles were pretty good (for our first race, and it was a lot better than the dirty 6). They had some good mud but could've used more water (to drink and to make more mud). The zipline was fun but I fell after jumping off and skinned up my palm pretty good and I ended up going around one of the wall obstacles. During this race I was wearing a heart monitor because of palpitations that I had been having (everything was cleared) so I didn't push myself too hard. We were given a really cool finisher medal at the end that can be 2 separate medals or one together. They had a vendor for food and they also sold shirts (we each bought one). Overall, we had a good time and would probably try it again if it wasn't so far.

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