Sunday, January 4, 2015

Devil Dash

October 2012

Devil Dash - (according to website)

3.1 devilish miles
Course Description:
Racers will ascend the "Purgatory" course and conquer obstacles themed after the 7 Deadly Sins, before entering the pearly gates and the "Beer Garden of Eden". Obstacles include climbing over cargo nets, running through the river, crawling through mud pits, darting through fire and trudging up steep terrain and much more.....

It says it was located at Camel back ranch but it was also through the white sox/dodgers spring training stadiums. I signed the hubster and I up for one of the later heats and when we arrived they did not have enough shirts and I was the only one to get one. We were also given finisher medals and head bands at the end and there was live music and food vendors. We started inside one of the stadiums and ran all around inside then we went outside the stadium were most of the obstacles/mud were. The music was loud enough that we could hear it while we were running around the stadium. The obstacles were fun and not too challenging. They had hoses at the end that we were able to spray ourselves off with and we brought a bag and extra clothes to change into and it was nice that we could use the bathrooms in the stadiums vs porta potties. Overall, we had a good but didn't think we would do this race again. It didn't seem that well organized.

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